David Freeman

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Book Description

Series: Haworth Marriage & the Family 
​Hardcover: 389 pages
Publisher: Routledge; 1 edition (January 6, 1992)
ISBN-10: 156024125X
​ISBN-13: 978-1560241256

"This is a superb book - long overdue and much needed in family therapy. It is broad in scope and yet achieves remarkable conceptual and thematic coherence. In this absorbing text, Freeman provides a definitive description of the various dimensions of multigenerational family practice. His writing is lucid, compelling and persuasively argued."

- Margaret R. Rodway, PhDProfessor, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary, Canada

"A step-by-step, detailed account of how to do therapy. Very well grounded in theory, the major strength of this book lies in its ability tp precisely defined the process and content of the therapy itself. It is rich with personal reflections and anecdotes from the author's many years if experience as a family therapist…" 

- Terry S. Trepper, PhD, Senior Editor, Harworth Marriage and the Family (From the Preface)

Book Description
​Publisher: Jason Aronson, Inc.
Publication Date: May 1, 1992 (1st Edition)
ISBN-10: 0876684711 
ISBN-13: 978-0876684719 
Hardcover: 416 Pages

"This useful book provides an explanation of family-of-origin dynamics from the viewpoints of the married couple. Beginning up to the family of origin and down to the children, it shows how change comes about through greater understanding. The therapist stays detached, curious, and involved. The dynamics of the generation story are well presented."

Carl Whitaker, M.D. Emeritus Professor of Psychiatrie, Unversity of Wisconsin, Madison

"Freeman has created a superb book on multigenerational family therapy, going beyond Bowen, Framo, and his own earlier works. He presents a clear, coherent, and amazingly comprehensive model of why and how to engage in the process of family therapy, from initial theoretical assumptions through termination and special issues. The main thesis of the model is that doing family therapy principally with a couple sub-systems allows therapist to work with the point if greatest power to change the family system."

- Robert Sherman, Ed.D. Professor, Queens College, CUNY


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Book Description

Hardcover: 300 pages

Publisher: Jason Aronson Inc. (1st Edition July 7, 1977)

ISBN-10: 0876684312

ISBN-13: 978-0876684313

"David Freeman comes across as a forthright, sensitive, and caring man, and, to judge the transcripts of interviews, a fine family therapist and clinical teacher. His unruffled ability to involve a family in releasing untapped opinions, options, and unused resources in their own behalf is intriguing. His framework derives basically from Bowen, with aspects of Nagy and other well blend in.

The concept underlying his model of family therapy is a belief that the family continually changing but has the resources, in therapy, to arrive at different problem solutions than those it has been using. Freeman delineates the therapist as coach, consult, reseacher. With logic and feeling, he supports the belief that the purpose of family therapy is to help family members know realistically who they are and what they can expect from each other. He believes that a therapist's task is to help a family forge new ways of thinking and acting, in the process of finding new solutions to current problems." 

- Bunny S. Duhl, ED. D, in Family process