David Freeman

David Freeman was a Professor Emeritus at the University of British Columbia after having taught in the School of Social Work for over thirty years. During his career, he wrote numerous books and articles. Upon retiring from UBC, Dr. Freeman had a flourishing private practice at the FTC Family Therapy Centre and continued to give lectures across Canada and the United States.

Although David saw many couples and individuals, he specialized and was known for his work in generational family therapy. He had a rare and unique ability to create a safe atmosphere for families to gather and heal generational rifts. David’s humour and compassion where always present and clients learned quickly to place their trust in him.

Dr. Freeman had a core belief that people carried their own innate wisdom. He created an atmosphere where clients rediscovered their capacity to find what had been eluding them. People left David’s therapy room feeling uplifted, empowered and often laughing. He was a gifted therapist, teacher and a compassionate human being. His untimely death left a huge gap for many in the lives he touched.

This website is a small endeavour to give people access to the thoughts, ideas and information that Dr. David Freeman developed over the course of his lifetime. The Audio Lectures section will allow those who had listened to David’s talks, another chance to hear his voice and remember his message. For others who did not have that opportunity, it provides an experience of hearing David discuss fundamental guidelines for raising families and for healing from relationship wounding.

As well as audio taped material, this website will provide access to unpublished manuscripts that have not been seen by the public. These materials synthesize the learning David gathered over many years. He was a keen observer of human nature, as well as, a researcher. He spent much time pondering the question of why we often know what to do in our lives, but fail to do it. This part of human nature fascinated David and he explored these and other questions in his last unpublished work entitled “Emotional Storms”, which looks at how distraught and uncontrolled emotions override intellectual understanding.

David also developed a manual, in the form of a dialogue, that describes the nature of therapy; when to access it and how to use the experience for optimal results. He answered often asked questions, such as; "What is therapy?", "How do you decide where to go to for help?" and "When should children be involved?". These questions and others are answered in the "Guide to Therapy."

Shortly after David's death in 2010, messages of condolence and of memories of him were sent to his family. These messages can be found on the Memorial Page. It also includes a photo gallery of pictures of family and friends.